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Year 2020
Medium Board game (2 to 6 players) in french, watercolor reproduction dedicated by the artist
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 6 cm

About the artist

Collecting is a pathology from which Olivia Hernaïz gladly suffer. Through the assemblage of materials – ideas of passersby, derelict houses, political logos, bank slogans and fables – she tries to deconstruct collective beliefs. Her practice is multiple. From painting and drawing to digital printing, human size installations, model making and sound, Hernaïz chooses a medium according to her intentions for a project. Dialogue is at the core of Olivia Hernaïz’s work. Her projects are all excuses to start conversations with others. Born in 1985 in Belgium, Olivia Hernaïz lives and works in Brussels.

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