Bruno Serralongue

CONCOURS DE BÛCHERONS, 4 septembre 1994


The 1994 series belongs to the series “Les Fêtes”. For three months, during the summer of 1994, Bruno Serralongue travelled through the Alpes-Maritimes department, following the various festivities that took place in its towns and villages, capturing the mixture that takes place between the traditional festival and its transformation into a tourist activity

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Year 1994
Medium Photography
Dimensions 30 x 25 cm

About the artist

The particularity of Bruno Serralongue’s practice is that it can borrow from reportage or documentary in a photography that deliberately refuses aesthetic effects. He sees himself as an operator carrying out a “commission” – which he makes himself – and, as such, produces a withdrawal of the author and the style. (…) His photographs may, therefore, resemble press photographs, but the latter is not the focus, as he himself states: “Journalistic photography has never been a model for me. I see it as a text, and not at all as an aesthetic model. The only thing that might interest me is that it doesn’t have an aesthetic a priori – and the anonymity of its author. I propose another actuality. I am operating a kind of reappropriation of information, because there is no reason for it to be in the hands of professionals. Information belongs to all those who wish to take possession of it, to master it, even if it is more difficult as an individual. – Text by Éric Suchère

Born in 1968 in Châtellerault, France, Bruno Serralongue lives and works in Paris.



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