Chris Johanson



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Year 2018
Medium Color sugarlift aquatint and aquatint
Dimension (cm) 57,8 x 57,8 cm
Dimension (in) 22 x 22 in
Edition 25
Frame No

About the artist

A central figure of San Francisco’s Mission School, Johanson’s multidimensional practice encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and music. His detailed depictions of ordinary people are a spirited defense of humanity against the crushing uniformity of modern existence, and in recent years he has increasingly employed abstraction in his continuing artistic quest for the sublime. There is an underlying emotional complexity that translates into the distinct spirit of his wavering brushstrokes and euphoric abstractions. Johanson’s roughly hewn and self-schooled figures communicate ideas that are at once deeply philosophical and quotidian. In the 90’s, his work came to the fore on the skateboarding & graffiti scene in San Francisco’s Mission District. For over twenty-five years, Chris Johanson has been captivating audiences around the world with his thoughtful and vibrant reflections of everyday life and the human condition. Born in 1968 in San-José, Chris Johanson currently lives and works in Portland, United States.

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