Leen Voet

Je Fais Ce Que Je Veux, #21


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Year 2020
Medium Watercolor on paper
Dimension (cm) 29,7 x 21 cm
Dimension (in) 11 x 8 in
Framed Yes

About the artist

Leen Voet’s pictorial style is characterized by vibrant colors and geometric shapes. She works in series and has a conceptual approach. Leen Voet is inspired by found visual and literary sources and questions, in a manner that is not devoid of humor, the very notion of creativity and the value of artistic expression in our society. Her work somehow always engages with the fundamental question of who gets to be an artist and why, and what constitutes an oeuvre. At the same time, her work brings different perspectives on power relations, rules and expectations – perhaps by adopting a more feminist approach to art making, by being inclusive and above all by highlighting the pleasure of painting. Leen’s paintings and drawings come, almost without exception, in series, and they are often informed by an interest in amateur artists or unknown figures whose works have originated in different social environments and classes. Born in 1971, Leen Voet currently lives and works in Brussels.

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