Tessa Perutz

Multi-Colored Watercolor Study at Parc Foret #1 & #2


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Year 2020
Medium Watercolor and pencil on paper
Dimension (cm) 59,5x 40,5 cm
Dimension (in) 23 x 15 in
Frame Yes

About the artist

Tessa Perutz’s works function as psychological landscapes, touring the fields and valleys of the earth as well as the inner mind. Her works are a testimony to spontaneous exploration: pinpointed with anecdotes, hasty jottings and existential ponderings, Perutz’ oeuvre is shaped by processes of conceptualization and intuition, organically intertwining & informing one another. A recent shift has been made into exploring the body itself as a landscape, depicting human curvature in mirroring the earth’s natural peaks and valleys. But instead of the female figure, so often depicted in the history of art making by male artists, the gaze is shifted to the male form. This is a female-forward contribution to realigning male-driven historical trajectories. Born in 1988 in Chicago, Tessa Perutz currently lives and works in Brussels and New York.



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