Mitja Tušek

Nihil ex nihilo


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Year 2022
Medium Pigment and plastic on paper
Dimensions 29,7 x 21 cm
Edition 13 + 5 AP

About the artist

Mitja Tušek moves freely within the canvas of the painting. Working with sequences that follow one another, he examines the various options of colors, materials, and techniques: a very tactile basis from which he departs to generate image and meaning. The result is at first sight very different but continually strives to build up a tension between materialized abstraction and abstracted figuration. There is abstract in the sense that there is no clear representation. The figurative paintings are almost abstract, and in abstract paintings the presence of the image is never completely evacuated. The materials he uses are part of this ambivalence: wax, lead, pigment… by their power of absorption or reflection, they induce an ambiguous perception of the image; we guess it more than we see it and yet we retain an almost palpable presence from it. Born in Maribor, Slovenia, Mitja Tušek currently lives and works in Brussels.

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