Stephan Goldrajch

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Year 2019
Medium Watercolor on paper
Dimension (cm) 29,5 x 39,5 cm
Dimension (in) 11 x 15 in
Frame Yes

About the artist

Inspired by ancestral traditions, rites and techniques used by craftsmen, Stephan Goldrajch is fascinated by human and social interactions. Using a crochet hook and different threads – his favorite medium – he draws on the codes of life and learning, magic, tales and legends; all the very real, often irrational elements that make up part of man’s learning process and reinvents them all. Goldrajch often uses wool and cotton as a medium for his works. For the artist, assembling colored threads offers him the chance to disconnect from external stimuli and enter his own private bubble. Creating by crocheting becomes a ritual in its own right. The result is a collection of talismans that are the fruit of a long ritualistic and meditative process during which he weaves threads in complex compositions that teem with colors and textures. The imaginary world into which Stephan Goldrajch plunges us is populated by small textile creatures and vegetation; it is rich in fantasy; it is joyful and even regressive taking us into a journey into the past and the games we played as children or the drawings we made. Born in 1975 in Ramat Gan, Israel, Stephan Goldrajch currently lives and work in Brussels.

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