Yvan Salomone

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Year 2022
Medium Photography
Dimensions 20 x 30,5 cm
Framed No

About the artist

Since 1991, Salomone devoted himself to the practice of watercolor paintings based on photographs. These photographs, taken from different places in the world, are interpreted liberally. In these watercolor paintings, he explores the problematics of what we experience as modernity. He paints subjects that speak to us, but at the same time, he purifies and transforms it, resulting in ambiguity and leaving the meaning of the works open for discussion. His subjects show the reality but contain a poetic dematerialization. These subjects often clash with the lightness of the material. In this year’s edition of the Shop Show, we will present the photographs that he manipulated with paint. Born in 1957 in Saint-Malo, France, Yvan Salomone still works and lives there.

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