Jean Bedez



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Year 2021
Medium plaster, gold 18 carats
Dimensions 13 x 23 x 7 cm
Dimensions (incl base) 33 x 25 x 11 cm

About the artist

The themes interweaving the work of Jean Bedez are all somehow connected to the history of representation of religious and political power. With his drawings and sculptures, he attempts to deconstruct and unveil de codes and conventions surrounding the construction of imagery and instead proposes representations of the contemporary world that function as modern allegories. It is primarily through a series of sculptures inspired by the dominant cultures of game, entertainment and power putting out the role of the citizen, he explores the relations of domination in our society. Parallel and echoing in his sculptural work, he develops a body of work in which he extends these themes. By producing a collection of works that is fully in tune with modern age, Jean Bedez develops a contrast with the ancient techniques and knowledge of the art of drawing, represented for instance by the humanistic themes and skillful paintings of the Renaissance. He feels its conventions and techniques and compares them with current codes of contemporary images, documentaries. Born in 1976, Jean Bedez lives and works in Paris.

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