Achraf Touloub



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Year 2014
Medium Ink and gouache on paper
Dimension (cm) 79 x 59 cm
Dimension (in) 31 x 23 in
Framed No

About the artist

Achraf Touloub has a unique view of our time – one of an ultra-connected world that turns our relationships with time, space, information and beliefs upside down. Using various media, he aims to intercept these transformations, their impact on our rela­tionships and how they transform our bodies. He investigates the links between tradition and modernity in our globalized world. Working in a variety of mediums, he opposes the ancient oriental motifs and ideas he depicts to the contemporary aesthetic of his compositions. Born in 1986 in Casablanca, Morocco, Achraf Touloub currently lives and works in Paris.

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