Saint Clair Cemin


Saint Clair Cemin

All About Woman

1 December 2020 – 30 January 2021 01.12.2020 – 30.01.2021

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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All About Woman is the first solo show of Saint Clair Cemin with the gallery. Born in 1951 in Alta Cruz, Brazil, and living in New York, Saint Clair Cemin has been exhibiting since the end-1970s.
Saint Clair Cemin has always seen art as a natural field of experimentation. For his sculptures, he uses different styles, techniques, and materials and draws inspiration from philosophy, literature, poetry, science, and the history of art. His works, which go beyond abstraction and figuration, in a universe of metamorphosis, evoke both plant and sexual forms as well as molecular structures.




Having lived with two wonderful women who inspired me for the last 20 years, my wife Svetlana and my daughter Sara, I decided to make a show about The Woman in their honor.
Women were always a most important part of my existence, beginning with my mother who taught me how to live, read, and think, then friends and partners who helped me thrive. The pieces in the show express the energies of vitality and female power through their specifically differing styles. They are bodies that radiate, circulate, and accumulate energy. 
In this exhibition, each piece represents a character, either from Mythology, Literature. One of them is a dedicated portrait to Simone de Beauvoir, made of vibrant onyx.
– Saint Clair Cemin


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