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Roland de Lathuy

Director — Private sales

+32 (0)2 512 92 95

Works available by

Farah Atassi
Ricardo Brey
Andy Boot
Robert Crumb
Paul Fägerskiöld
Sam Falls
Amy Feldman
Michel François
Michel Frère
Jochen Gerz
Rebecca Horn
Changha Hwang
Jan van Imschoot
Charles Kaisin
Allan Kaprow
Jannis Kounellis
Esko Mannikko
Florian Maier-Aichen
Justin Morin
Aurélie Nemours
Stanley Whitney
Robert Wilson

De Lathuy, who has quit his directorship at Christie’s Belgium at the end of 2020, will accompany collectors of the gallery and others personally in their search for the ideal private sale or acquisition. Over the years, de Lathuy has built strong relationships with key collectors and is known for his knowledge of and passion for the Belgian art community.


Roland de Lathuy:
“Baronian is truly the right choice for me. After all those years at Christie’s, I wanted to be part of a small but ambitious team and work on long-term relationships. The scale, the people, the knowledge and the expertise at Baronian are just right. For me, it’s the most iconic gallery in Brussels, with a history of almost 50 years. Albert is a legend in the Belgian art scene.”


Albert Baronian: “I am very excited Roland is joining the gallery. His passion for the Belgian art scene and the collectors is massive. With the arrival of Roland and his expertise, we are in a position to spark a new way of thinking about what a gallery should deliver, both locally and internationally. We will be able to provide an extra service to our long-time clients and collectors and attract new ones. We’re also looking forward to connections between private sales and the gallery’s regular exhibition programme.”

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