Achraf Touloub


Achraf Touloub

standard condition

5 June 2015 – 18 July 2015 05.06.2015 – 18.07.2015

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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Albert Baronian is pleased to present standard condition, the first solo exhibition of Achraf Touloub.

Facing Achraf Touloub’s Sequences, each one identically vertical and rectangular in shape, our view, from a distance at first, seems to be fixed on a peculiar, monochrome richness, evoking a calm reminiscent of deserts or serene seas with lightly fading colours of blue grey, turquoise, copper and burgundy, and yet appearing vibratile, little by little giving way to variations of intensity and depth, distended or tightened. Several vertical drawings of greater or lesser widths, drawn like the parallel visual creases reminiscent of Barnett Newman’s ‘Zips’, accentuate the verticality of his sequences, except one, in which the same visual creasing method creates an optical illusion of an embedded rectangle.

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