Alain Séchas


Alain Séchas


2 March 2018 – 14 April 2018 02.03.2018 – 14.04.2018

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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Albert Baronian is pleased to present the 4th Solo Exhibition of Alain Séchas at the gallery.


“Since having made himself pass as a painter, Alain Séchas has never seemed this close to cinema. He places spots, blocks of colour, with a sense of harmony, and giving them a certain energy and speed with his brushstrokes (more and more freely and loosely) just like how others combine images and sound. His cats remain his characteristic mode of expression, his way to share his joyful bewilderment with us. Drawing and painting work together and sometimes exchange roles, producing the equivalent of the harmolodics of Ornette Coleman, excelling freely outside all categories (…)” – OH JOY! OH RAGE!, Patrick Javault, February 2018

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