Benoit Platéus


Benoit Platéus

Telephone Poles

9 June 2017 – 15 July 2017 09.06.2017 – 15.07.2017

Rue de la Concorde 33

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Albert Baronian is pleased to announce the fourth solo show of Benoit Platéus at the gallery untitled “TELEPHONE POLES”.


Benoit Platéus presents a collection of images of a kind which is from the outset uncertain on more than one level. Images? Yes, despite the evanescence of the subject, the fragmentation of form, the unstructured texture and the all-over treatment of the surface of the canvas. Images where the referent is primordial, even if what they draw from it is a process of dissolution – one characteristic of the artist’s methods, among a plurality of approaches. Two indices introduce the thesis, the title and the illustration on the invitation. On trips to the USA, over several years, Benoit Platéus has been creating drawings from rubbings; he takes rubbings of the wooden telephone poles that are still often used to carry cables in urban space where they double up as impromptu notice boards (lost cats, small ads for goods or services, and so on). The metal staples remain buried in the wood well after the notices have vanished; they are the last traces of texts and photographs which were displayed for the attention of passers-by. They mark an absence, but evoke images of memory, the lost messages resurfacing by sheer force of habit.

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