Changha Hwang

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Changha Hwang

23 May 2007 – 14 July 2007 23.05.2007 – 14.07.2007

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

Changha Hwang has been executing a diligent research of hard edge abstraction for many years. His early work seemed to be unconsciously inspired by the multiple possibilities of web windows and other kinds of technological devices.


His new body of work continues the slow shift from the use of modular superpositions of grid formations against expressionistic backgrounds, into more elaborate compositions that seem to include more vertical and transversal planes.


These visual innovations bring the work to the edge of an almost revisited cubism. The generous use of diagonals contributes to an architectonic disposition and the feeling of a dense urban setting.


This, in combination with larger un-patterned forms painted in an almost atmospheric coloration, creates a distinct sense of location within the paintings, both interior and exterior.


The palette—now moody, now brightly Pop—contributes to the cubistic sense of multiple coexisting realities, and the addition of a glossy finish increases the fetishistic seduction of the work.

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