David Panos


David Panos

The Dark pool

16 January 2015 – 7 March 2015 16.01.2015 – 07.03.2015

Rue de la Concorde 33

Whether shown in flux in video, or frozen in printed perspex and interpenetrated with fragmented consumer goods, Panos’ repeated motifs of objects and body parts evoke the secret domain of the commodity. A ‘Dark Pool’ is an opaque forum for financial trading where transactions are invisible to the public and the artist imagines subject/object relations as a surreal, veiled universe of illusion where full access to the object or the physical processes that constitute it is denied. In these works multiple references are collided and turned in on each other, drawing together fleeting allusions and registers; the mechanics of the theatre become symbols of capital’s magical staging of reality; green screened bodies become abstracted into twisted vectors of flesh, mass produced materials are mutated and recombined into new objects of desire or left wrapped in protective films that obscure their allure, the ghosted marks of labour left etched on their surface.

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