Dean Monogenis

The House on Kachina Road

Dean Monogenis

History of Coincidence

5 May 2020 – 18 July 2020 05.05.2020 – 18.07.2020

Rue Isidore Verheyden, 2 — Room

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History of Coincidence, American artist Dean Monogenis (1973-)’s solo exhibition at the gallery features a new series of paintings.


Dean Monogenis’ paintings evoke surroundings combining architectural and natural elements. Monogenis refers to a permanent state of transition and mutation in his work, to the struggle between urbanization and nature, and the invasion of sprawl. Since the collapse of the Twin Towers, Monogenis realized that buildings are meant to live and die, the same way humans do. This idea of alteration pushes him to search for examples of transformation around him. History of Coincidence is a tableau of real and imagined places, from the mountains to the sea. It brings together personal and intimate ideas about place and the experience of witnessing and inhabiting different environments.

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