Mitja Tušek


Mitja Tušek

Small World

21 April 2016 – 28 May 2016 21.04.2016 – 28.05.2016

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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Albert Baronian is pleased to announce the first exhibition of Mitja Tušek entitled “Small world”.


Let’s start at the roots. Mitja Tušek was born in Slovenia, then emigrated to Switzerland at the age of six. He carried out “all possible schooling” he says. “Including playing truant on the countryside”, he points out. His canvasses are filled with an atmosphere of the forest, the mineral, the rural… It’s a list of adjectives which apply to the landscapes of these two alpine regions but what is more: these are the terms which one uses to try to draw near to their imaginations. We are in countries made of embedded valleys, terracing then tangles of vegetation and rocks. We are in countries where folklore and the village life is king. And then there is the prevailing silence. We go on into the forest without really knowing what time it is, without managing to discern what is crawling in the distance under the foliage.

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