Oriol Vilanova


Oriol Vilanova

Old Masters

10 November 2017 – 23 December 2017 10.11.2017 – 23.12.2017

Rue de la Concorde 33

Albert Baronian invites Oriol Vilanova to exhibit alongside Gilbert & George. While these artists have all used postcards in their respective works, the juxtaposition also finds its rationale in their common interest in collecting.

Oriol Vilanova has built his practice around the compiling of a motley collection of postcards that he hand-picks on flea markets, seldom in museum stores, according to preferences that he himself doesn’t understand at the time of purchase. « The image chooses me » as he puts it, likening his approach to that of the readymade. The process he develops depends on a crucial step that is as physical as it is conceptual : how to showcase a collection? Oriol Vilanova’s answers to this fundamental question are as varied as the parameters of the exhibition spaces he occupies.

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