Tessa Perutz

Tessa Perutz


21 May 2022 – 26 June 2022 21.05.2022 – 26.06.2022


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Baronian is delighted to host the second solo exhibition of American artist Tessa Perutz (born 1988 in Chicago; lives and works in Brussels and New York). In this exhibition, Paradisiaque, Perutz presents a variety of painterly approaches to the landscape.


Known for her representations of the natural world, mixed delineations of private and public space appear throughout. Mapping psychological as well as physical terrain, Perutz tours us through the fields and valleys of the earth as well as the inner mind.


Showcasing a mixed materiality, the works include botanical elements such as sand, lavender, and hibiscus, incorporated for their healing and transformative properties. Stylistically, Perutz borrows widely from multiple historical frameworks simultaneously; referencing pop aesthetics, fauvism, minimalism, as well as traditional outdoor painting.


Her plein air drawings include textual anecdotes and existential ponderings – testimonies to spontaneous exploration. Perutz’ work is shaped by conceptualization and intuition, organically intertwining & informing one another. Paintings are echoed in others, mirroring seriality through repeated subject matter and vivid use of color.


Fully immersive, Perutz’ exhibitions encapsulate installation and furniture, pressing the boundaries of the canon of the traditional landscape. Through these enveloping environments, Perutz seeks to explore parallels between nature and humankind, utilizing motifs and materials that reference the depths of natural worlds and collective memory through direct sensorial cognition, opening up spaces to consider both personal and universal themes of connection and separation.

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