Jean-Baptiste Bernadet


Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

Never Forgive, Never Forget

23 April 2010 – 29 May 2010 23.04.2010 – 29.05.2010

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

For his exhibition in the Project Room of the Baronian-Francey gallery, Jean-Bapiste Bernadet will show a group of five recent paintings under the title “Never Forgive, Never Forget”. This title comes from one of the exhibited paintings, and it provides — as always with the artist — various possible interpretations: an introspective examination of the course of his art, a reflexive examination of art history, and a summons whose object and logic is left unspecified.


Jean-Baptiste Bernadet was born in Paris in 1978, he has lived and worked in Brussels since 2000.

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