Steve Schepens


Steve Schepens

Horror 56

13 November 2010 – 23 December 2010 13.11.2010 – 23.12.2010

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

All works of Steve Schepens (*1979, Ghent, Belgium) are entitled HORROR with additional number or subtitle. These include videos, performances, installations, graphic works, paintings and sculptures. For many works, used cardboard boxes are basic construction material. The invisible is as important as the visible in his oeuvre. Plaster, porcelain or bronze casts of cardboard boxes represent the non-sculpture, the void, the endless interpretational field when it becomes a solid opaque immanent object. It is an object which does not portray appearance, but content.


The series HORROR-Fences contains fences and barriers, both flat and three-dimensional. Exclusively cardboard in the start, now they are realized in stainless steel, glass, mirror or TL-lights. Independent of size, fragility or other factors they still function as insuperable obstacles. Schepens is interested in communication between the work and the viewer, and its reaction to various disruptive factors. Ghost-exhibitions, closed to public, performances inside of closed cardboard installations, solid casts of cardboard boxes and fences are his exploration tools.


For the HORROR 56 exhibition, at Baronian_Francey Gallery, Brussels, Steve Schepens presents three performances and a new stainless steel fence sculpture. The two performances are shown as video and a photograph of the action. The third performance is an action during the opening of the exhibition. The artist made a text based work as invitation to people with Tourette-syndrome. They are the only visitors who can see the exhibition. Steve Schepens works with signs and icons of contemporary society. His oeuvre indicates the subjectivity, emptiness and fragility of these signs and thus the instability of seemingly stiff social systems, which causes to anxiety and HORROR of a contemporary man.


Steve Schepens also works as a curator as well as writes art and cultural criticism for various international magazines in collaboration with Dr. Ekaterina Rietz-Rakul. Recently their new book Contemporary Art Guide Berlin has been published. Previous exhibitions include: BE-PART(BE), De Bond (BE), SMAK Museum (BE), Netwerk (BE); MARTa Museum (DE); Artnews (DE); The Residence Gallery (UK); brot.und spiele gallery (DE), De Brakke Grond (NL), CPAI Lisboa (PT), Volker Diehl Gallery (DE). Future exhibitions include: Cosmoscow (RU), Baronian_Francey Galerie (BE), Plataforma Revolver (PT), Freies Museum (DE), De Vooruit (BE)



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