Robert Devriendt

Robert Devriendt

Robert Devriendt


2. Through the eyes of David X

5 April 2019 – 18 May 2019 05.04.2019 – 18.05.2019

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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New Brussels gallery Baronian Xippas opens with two solo exhibitions by Takis and by Robert Devriendt


Baronian Xippas, the new Brussels gallery being launched by Albert Baronian and Renos Xippas, opened its doors on April 4 with two solo exhibitions, Takis and Robert Devriendt. The inaugural exhibitions embody Baronian Xippas’ vision for a new gallery that is at once bold and ambitious yet grounded in tradition.


Located in the former space of Albert Baronian gallery, Baronian Xippas gallery is a unique collaboration between two major figures in the contemporary art gallery world. Combining the strength of their 80 years of experience and expertise in the art world, Baronian and Xippas join forces, knowledge and passion to create a power- house on the international art scene.


The inaugural exhibitions by Takis and by Robert Devriendt exemplify the ambitions of the gallery: to mount great exhibitions with the leading artists of each gallery, while building on their common vision, shared values and a belief in adopting an open, human and accessible approach.


Robert Devriendt

The Belgian artist Robert Devriendt (b. 1955) is known for his meticulous small paintings. With a keen eye for detail, for tactile rendering and with a refined technique, he investigates how images work and how they come to be interpreted.


This inaugural exhibition at Baronian Xippas gallery presents Through the eyes of David X, the second part of The Missing Script, an ongoing project where all paintings are related to each other. The first part, entitled Blind Seduction, was presented at Albert Baronian in 2017. David X is one of the favourite alter egos of Robert Devriendt. As the artist states: ‘When I look with the eyes of this fictional character, images arise that are as urgent as the contents of dreams. These images do not correspond to politically or ethically correct standards, but can be described as meta-romantic.’


The paintings of Robert Devriendt combine cinematic qualities with the pure craft of painting. Both his editing technique and imagery are at least partly reminiscent of film as he employs codes typical of that medium. The artist arranges the paintings like a director would order scenes to tell a story. The paintings draw their force from the mutual combinations, associations which connect them. It is the sequence which determines the contents of the images. What occurs between the images is therefore particularly important.


Because the artist wants to examine our way of looking, he returns to these cinematic elements. By freezing the images the viewer is given time to look in depth. The selections, cuts and repetitions add another dimension to everyday reality. In doing so, The Missing Script is trying to figure out how the relentless flood of imagery presents itself to our thoughts and way of thinking, even to our perception in general. Robert Devriendt exposes how to be detached from today’s constant flow of stories, how to select certain tracks, to filter and put them in a different context to create our own history; a dramatic story open to interpretation.


The Missing Script is a large ongoing series the artist has developed over the span of several years. There is no fixed script. The images in The Missing Script aren’t arranged chronologically, the paintings do not follow a logical order as they would in a well outlined plot. Instead, they are numbered according to their completion date. Possible storylines arise during painting through meticulous combining and staging of the characters on set. And eventually, it is the viewer who gradually fills in the script. The result is a movie that plays out in the viewer’s head.

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