Frank Stella

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Frank Stella

The Waves & Had Gadya

6 August 2022 – 11 September 2022 06.08.2022 – 11.09.2022


Baronian is delighted to host the first solo exhibition of American artist Frank Stella at the gallery in Knokke. This exhibition contains a selection of works from his series The Waves and Had Gadya.


The Waves prints are part of Frank Stella’s extensive and wide-ranging Moby Dick series, named after Herman Melville’s famous novel. Stella worked for more than twelve years (1985-1997) on this vast work that gave birth to 266 artworks. Each of these works is related to one of the 135 chapters, each chapter being treated in several different ways. One of the central shapes seen in The Waves is the Chinese lattice. This circular lattice shape grounds every other shape in the print. It’s what holds the composition together as well as balance each scene.


The second section of the exhibition is reserved for his Had Gadya series which came forth from Frank Stella’s visit to the Tel Aviv Museum in Israel in 1981. During a tour of the collection, he was shown one of the Museum’s most recent acquisitions, a set of eleven gouaches by the Russian avant-garde artist El Lissitzky (1890 – 1941). The gouaches were illustrations for the traditional Jewish Passover song Had Gadya (The Only Kid). Stella was drawn to the simplicity of the Had Gadya narrative and Lissitzky’s graphic, stylized rendering of it.


All the artworks in this exhibition are signed and dated by the artist, and bear the indication “CTP” for “Color Trial Proof”. This term is used by Frank Stella to designate unique works that are the result of various printing techniques on which he has reworked the pattern by hand. The chosen artworks present a delightful mix of silkscreen, lithography, linocut, marbling and collage, on which the artist has painted.