Aline Bouvy


Aline Bouvy

Urine Mate

15 January 2016 – 27 February 2016 15.01.2016 – 27.02.2016

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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Albert Baronian is pleased to announce the first exhibition of Aline Bouvy entitled Urine Mate.

Reflecting past exhibitions Aline Bouvy draws her inspiration from the elements that make up her daily life forming a strange set of circumstances which give her creative urges and make her question it. It is within a metaphorical and analogical situation between the notion of naked boys, animals and nature that the exhibition Urine Mate is built. A desire to work on the imagery of the naked man in the purest form; the varied omnipresence of a dog, and misplaced and intrusive plants.

The artist questions through a multidisciplinary approach to issues related to the breadth of society. She claims a certain unknown freedom in relation to the norms that unconsciously model our desires and which dictate to us what is morally and aesthetically acceptable. From this perspective she tries, not to put herself on the fringes of society, but rather to integrate these elements/residues, considered from a moral point of view as “dirty” or aesthetically “ugly”, in her creative process in order to liberate herself from any categorisation. Never provoking, she makes it her duty to highlight the crude and outdated side of these waste-elements.

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