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Vik Muniz


Guided tour of the show led by Vik Muniz at 6pm on Wednesday 13.11.2019

13 November 2019 – 21 December 2019 13.11.2019 – 21.12.2019

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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Baronian Xippas is delighted to present a series of new works by the famous Brazilian artist, Vik Muniz.


In his new series, titled Surfaces, Vik Muniz ireflects upon the dichotomy between the object and its representation and exploring the nature of perception through art materials. The celebrated Brazilian artist revisits the works of abstract painters like Josef Albers, Hans Arp or Milton Avery and re-appropriates their visual worlds through a hybrid process that combines collage, painting and high-resolution digital photography.


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