Yann Bronder


Yann Bronder

Tu m’as reproché en fait ce que tu faisais avec moi sans que je ne le sache. Top.

7 September 2023 – 10 November 2023 07.09.2023 – 10.11.2023

Rue de la Concorde 33

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Yann Bronder, born in 1990 in Belgium studied at KASK in Ghent and holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts from LUCA in Brussels. 

Bronder does not work in series.

Bronder works in time slots and works on several works simultaneously. 

Each work is an occasion for something new, for something unprecedented. As a result, Bronder’s works are not limited to one theme or one context. Each work is a potential starting point for another work and yet they all stand on their own as well. There is no hierarchy between objects, themes, sequences, etc. 

They represent impressions, images and fragments that Bronder collects, and these images and fragments are also collected. 

– Jan Pérsom


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