Lionel Estève

Lionel Estève


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Authors Akiko Miki, Denys Zacharopoulos, Lionel Estève
Copy Editing Bronwyn Mahoney
Year of Publication 2022
Language English
ISBN 9791991539357

About the artist

The work of Lionel Estève lies amidst the crossroads of drawing, sculpture and installation. The informality and fragility conveyed – features typical in the pieces of his production – stir up our perception of an endless reality, as they reveal a space that appears manifest and almost tangible. The playful interaction of his work with space, colors and sensorial perception results from meticulous research that involves a wide array of materials. His creations yield some sort of balance between randomness, motion, iteration and rigorousness. These “Chants écologiques” are large plates of molten glass, like slices of frozen liquid. They are made from several layers of coloured glass, both opaque and translucent, and can re­semble improbable mineral strata. Born in 1967 in Lyon, Lionel Estève currently lives and works in Brussels.

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