Aline Bouvy

Aline Bouvy – Cruising Bye


To accompany the Cruising Bye exhibition at MACs / Musée des arts contemporain au Grand-Hornu held from February to September 2022, this catalogue prolongs the experience of cruising (in the sense that it refers as much to sexual vagrancy and police patrols as stray dogs and queer flirtations), which Aline Bouvy invites us to experience at the MACS. Illustrated with a complete photoreportage of the exhibition, to enable an immersion in the heart of the artist’s work, it also includes an in-depth interview by the art critic Milena Oldfield with the artist about her practice and her sources of inspiration, along with an essay by Denis Gielen, curator of the exhibition.

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Authors Denis Gielen, Milena Oldfield
Year 2022
Publisher Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König & MACS / Musée des Arts Contemporains au Grand-Hornu
Language English & French
ISBN 978-3-7533-0178-5

About the artist

Aline Bouvy questions through a multidisciplinary approach, issues related to the breadth of society. She claims a certain unknown freedom in relation to the norms that unconsciously model our desires and which dictate to us what is morally and aesthetically acceptable. From this perspective she tries, not to put herself on the fringes of society, but rather to integrate these elements/residues, considered from a moral point of view as “dirty” or aesthetically “ugly”, in her creative process to liberate herself from any categorization. Never provoking, she makes it her duty to highlight the crude and outdated side of these waste elements. Born in 1974 in Brussels, Aline Bouvy lives and works between Brussels and Perlé, Luxemburg.

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