Olaf Holzapfel

Blick durch Glas (View Through Glass)


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Year 2019
Medium Frottage, pastels on Japanese paper
Dimensions 96 x 61 cm
Framed Yes

About the artist

Equally fluent in the languages of sculpture, painting, film, and photography, much of his work rests on the formal negotiation of the interplay between two-­dimensional ­image (or plane) and three-dimensional form (or space), as can be gauged from his tripartite contribution to documenta 14: an open-air sculpture, a display of historical artifacts and architectural models that also encompasses a newly made film, and a series of ­so-called hay works and straw pictures. For this edition of the Shop Show, Holzapfel made a series of rubbings that are in line with his other work. Born in 1967 in Dresden, Olaf Holzapfel currently lives and works in Berlin.

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