Gilbert & George

Thirteen Earthly Pictures



Intense sensibilities pervade the ‘THIRTEEN EARTHLY PICTURES’ and combine within them, setting the antic pace of their mysterious and unsettling chapter. As the art of Gilbert & George is an endless visionary journey through life, this most recent path has taken the artists to a sinister, unpredictable and lonely place. The ‘THIRTEEN EARTHLY PICTURES’ show Gilbert & George stopped in their tracks by a host of strange and seemingly malevolent agents, some man-made, some from nature, some machine-made. Yet all are ordinary and local – might be found in the iimediate locale, almost anywhere. The art of Gilbert & George comprises a ceaselessly searching and self – questioning artistic vision – the collapse of meaning into the play and conflict of sub-conscious forces within the business of earthly modern life.


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Author Michael Bracewell
Year 2021
Publisher Baronian Xippas
Language English