Charles Sandison

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Charles Sandison


18 November 2021 – 29 January 2022 18.11.2021 – 29.01.2022

Rue Isidore Verheyden 2

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 Baronian Xippas is pleased to be hosting Entropy, a solo exhibition of Charles Sandison.

Charles Sandison (b. 1969, Haltwhistle, United Kingdom) lives and works in Tampere, Finland. He graduated with an MA from Glasgow Art School in 1993. His installations can be seen in public places all over the world. 

Sandison discovered his savant ability to program computers at the age of 12. “Some people paint, some people draw, I code – it’s a compulsion”. His studio, located on a remote Finnish lake island, is both a source of inspiration and place of meditation. 

Sandison visualizes the paradoxical complexities and simplicities of human communication, behavior and social structures through the use of a symbolic language. His works consist of text which is generated by computer software and displayed on screens or projected site specifically onto gallery walls or entire buildings. He hereby places the viewer in the centre of a moving universe made of words. 

“My recent works were born in the forest. They are artificial intelligent computer code entities. They have an existence of their own”. 

Sandison spent weeks in the forest projecting his code-works directly on to trees, boulders, and swamps, to invoke a dream like state between computer code and nature. 

“I thought of them as being a hidden ancient tribe of forest dwellers. Maybe they are our ancestors, or perhaps they are our future selves. I hope their presence in the gallery will act as bridge between worlds”.

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