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Yvan Salomone

The Secret Agent : Thinking of Allan Sekula

7 November 2014 – 20 December 2014 07.11.2014 – 20.12.2014

Rue de la Concorde 33

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Albert Baronian is pleased to present the fourth exhibition of Yvan Salomone, entitled « The Secret Agent: Thinking of Allan Sekula », at the new gallery space at 33 Rue de la Concorde.


The exhibition will bring together a number of watercolors from Salomone’s latest series combined with photocopies of images derived from the artists’ archive. Seen by Salomone as ‘iconographic poems’, these images form the source for his watercolor paintings. Living in Saint Malo, it would seem evident that the scenes painted by Salomone are often harbor sites, a particular type of landscape and a recurrent motif in his work. However this would reduce the artist’s practice to a mere formal territory, as these landscapes do not correspond to just geographic realities but to a certain mental development traversed by a network of interruptions. Moreover, as access to these harbor sites has become severely restricted since 2001, Salomone has gone out to seek wider subjects, always containing a certain man-made element and exposing the so-called ‘nature natured’ (or the ‘nature naturée’, a term defined in Spinoza’s Ethics).


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