The Shop Show


Baronian is pleased to present a third edition of The Shop Show. Like the previous editions, The Shop Show gathers different works and editions made by a selection of our artists. Right on time for the holiday season, we offer a mix of different types of works: photography’s, works on paper, sculptures, silkscreens, paintings and limited editions. The prices of these works are up to 5 000 euros.


The works will be on view from 1 December until 17 December 2022 at the gallery in Rue de la Concorde 33 in Brussels and from  23 December until 22 January 2023 in our gallery at Zeedijk 731 in Knokke. The exhibition will be accompanied by the online shop:


We are happy to present a selection of works by John Phillip Abbott, Jean Bedez, Alain Biltereyst, Aline Bouvy, Marie José Burki, Robert Devriendt, Lionel Estève, Max Frintrop, Mekhitar Garabedian, Stephan Goldrajch, Olivia Hernaïz, Olaf Holzapfel, Toufan Hosseiny, Jean-François Lacalmontie, Larissa Lockshin, Xavier Mary, Tessa Perutz, Benoît Platéus, Eric Poitevin, Ry Rocklen, Yvan Salomone, Charles Sandison, Alain Séchas, Bruno Serralongue, David Brian Smith, Joshua Smith, Charles-Henry Sommelette, Helmut Stallaerts, Achraf Touloub, Mitja Tušek, Charlotte vander Borght, Leen Voet and Yves Zurstrassen.