Ry Rocklen

Shapes with friends

Rocklen has altered the materials, in subtle but profound ways giving these objects a second life as sculpture of astonishing refinement. These compositions -poetic, slightly surreal and treading the line of the readymade – employ humble materials to engage in a formal exploration of sculptural properties.


The three general criteria Rocklen has for choosing an object as a sculpture are the following:

1. In its prime the object was experienced habitually.

2. The object was then abandoned.

3. The object is more or less culturally universal.


As he says:

“ I am an alchemist transforming the cultural debris I am surrounded by into sculptures that exhibit the complexities of existence. The objects and materials I utilize are pulled from the margins of American culture. Once chosen, these materials are combined and arranged in a manner that reveals them to be both profoundly singular and homogenous. Through careful configuration and slight alteration, these castaways are allowed to “speak” the languages of their materiality and culture, evoking empathy, understanding and wonder”.

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    Ry Rocklen

    "Du désir et de la consolation"

    30 June 2018 – 2 September 2018 30.06.2018 – 02.09.2018
    Brugsesteenweg 45 8433 Schore

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    Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 15.13.03

    Ry Rocklen

    Food Group

    5 October 2017 – 4 November 2017 05.10.2017 – 04.11.2017
    Team Gallery, New Yok

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