Max Frintrop

Untitled (Paco)

Max Frintrop’s painting is determined by the act of painting – where the act of painting becomes another way of thinking. Frintrop’s standards demand a kind of thinking in complex and abstract emotions, swinging in fields of tension between intuitive pictorial solutions and the process of painting itself. His artwork emerges from a process that is defined by a search for an authentic relationship to painting. As in the case with many great abstract painters, Frintrop first began by working in a figurative manner. However, his concern for content carried over into non-referential, linear works – artworks that began shifting away from placing the visual focus on the scene unfolding on the canvas and instead onto relationships between the arrangement of forms and spaces.


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    Max Frintrop

    Liveliness and Abstraction

    10 April 2022 – 25 September 2022 10.04.2022 – 25.09.2022
    Mies van der Rohe Haus

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