The Estate of Michel Frère


Characterized by sedimentations and superimpositions of layers of paint, Michel Frère’s work allies opacity and light. His work transforms reality, sweeping away figurative elements with matter. An impression of monochrome massiveness emanates from his painting and his sculptures, which are petrified and always materialistic.


His painting is neither in line with a trend nor a fashion but transcends its time while being anchored in it, questioning the history of painting. Michel Frère has cut himself off from all fashion effects, drawing exclusively on the source of the intuition by which he intended to seize the world.


His immense paintings always read like abstract paintings whose browns, blacks, dull greens lit up with bright nuggets discreetly bubbling on the surface. Thick but infinitely moving textures, without beginning or end, from which the world seems to rise and die. Giving the spectator the impression of being drawn into a bottomless abyss for a journey to the centre of pictorial matter and matter itself, his works push back the limits of the world and create vertigo.


It was in December 1985, in his gallery in Knokke, that Albert Baronian organised Michel Frère’s first solo exhibition. This was followed by a large number of solo and group exhibitions.

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